the light within

Rebecca Lovitt-Bey
2 min readJun 24, 2021

I have been working on the painting below for a while, not really liking it or even wanting to paint it. Yet I had a strong sense that I needed to paint it.

The last period has been a profound one for me — maybe for everyone — I have had the very real experience of liminality, of things breaking open and new ground/ space and opportunity emerging where before it seemed like the only options were more of the same.

This painting though is about the darkness that keeps on. It also required a poem.


At the brittle edge of a precipice

we seek to avoid the dark

yet it is already here.


There is a path

although you will often feel the lurching stomach of a fall

you have to leap to find it.

Darkness grows in the middle world

a world of man’s construction

Greed and avarice. Dominate or die say the elites waving carrots.

Foolish fools spewing carbon leading to our demise.

And yet there are so many followers.

Sleepers, consumers, quiet believers

gripping desperately to false hopes

and delusions of returns to past times.

We need to accept the darkness.

It is here.

Our eyes can adjust and we can shift

going deeper within

seeking the path beyond the shadows.

On the other side

the veil lifts and Intense light washes over

brightness and wonder.

Let go, look up.

Open-ness, sky and sunlight

warm rushing effervescence.

All is one, one is all.




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Rebecca Lovitt-Bey

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