Rebecca Lovitt-Bey
2 min readSep 18, 2018


Have faith and courage:

A letter to She who may not be there yet

I know some days you still cannot believe how little progress seems to have been made. My heart too breaks. Still. Perhaps we take backward steps before we make progress?

I know how hard you have worked, how far you have come, how much time and effort you have put in and the incredible juggle of multiple commitments and yes wanting to be all things. Being mother, sister, daughter, partner, lover, leader, peer, artist, strategiser, change agent, entrepreneur… Wanting to have the career, the family and maintain friendships too. Of wanting/needing to hold on to your own creative practice. Of knowing you need to take care of your self, your health and wellbeing. Of energising and being energised.

I see that this mad juggle is not really a juggle — it’s a case of moving from task to task doing your best. With many projects running on the back burner. Often feeling you are not quite good enough, not quite nailing anything. I know it can seem like it’s the only way.

I know you have rallied for leadership, compassion, collaboration and creativity in your workplaces and across communities. I know your have achieved great things and demonstrated talent, skill and aptitude. I know you have also struggled in the face of politics. I know this has drained your energy, your belief in change and the possibility of work that actually raise people up rather than squashes them down.

Today I see you sitting in a place of quiet, on the edge of the dark, a little removed — striving a lot less than you used to. Perhaps you have realised that holding on so tight in the hope of a particular outcome is not so useful? I hope so. Quiet like distance, observing from the balcony is a useful thing for a time.

I know you are a compassionate leader with a belief in collaboration, creativity and the unique strengths/talents of individuals. I know you have great ambition and a commitment to the interests of the greater good, to enable and empowering others.

And I know that today you need to know that you are enough. That you should:




Work to sit at centre and take care of you. Know the time will soon come to be back on the dancefloor.

Act with purpose today and let go of all expectations of what will be. As you well know it is the journey not the destination that matters.



Rebecca Lovitt-Bey

Ecocentric, human focussed collaboration loving strategic designer/ facilitator/coach/guide and artist.